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By Eddie Evans

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You came here looking for a special type of cleaning help, crime scene clean up help for California. You found me, Eddie Evans, a professional crime scene cleaner. You found eleven years of experience as a crime scene clean up company owner and a crime scene cleaner; you see, I do my own cleaning and save you money by doing so. You receive a guaranteed telephone price quote, and guaranteed work. What else can I say, "Call around and see what else you might find?".

Well, the facts are that most crime scene clean up companies in existence today owe their existence to their county employee masters. That's where they find their clients, people like you. People like you suffering from emotional shock, uninformed about crime scene clean up services, and easy prey for the county employees would do well to read on about county employee fraud.



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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death clean up

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  $1,400 and less. Price and work guaranteed by email and telephone conversation. It's the law. See how Email agreements are contracts by law. How to Avoid an unintended crime scene clean up E-mail Contract.  
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  May 12, 2012
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Crime Scene clean up Narrative

Crime scene clean up is a janitorial activity. Crime scene cleaners are at essence, janitors. The big difference in the work of a crime scene clean up practitioner and a mainstream janitor follows from the clean up of blood and other potentially infectious materials. Homicides, suicides, unattended deaths followed by decomposition, and other traumatic injuries make the big difference.

Also, most crime scene clean up companies generate many more thousands of dollars. The most janitorial companies.

Shockingly, many if not most crime scene clean up companies get their work from County employees, rather than the open, free market. Why should County employees have anything to do with a janitorial business? Answer: money.

County Employee Fraud

Some County employees have direct access to families stricken by homicides, suicides, and on unattended deaths. These employees use their privileged position in position of great responsibility to mislead families. They mislead these families for their own profit. They mislead these families to crime scene clean up companies. These crime scene clean up companies may belong to a county employee.

Or, these crime scene clean up companies may pay a kickback to County employees. Some crime scene clean up companies have connections to city employees. We see this happening between homicide detectives and crime scene clean up companies in some cities, especially cities over 100,000 population. Hollywood serves as one such codified, corrupted city.

Usually I recommend that callers find another crime scene clean up company and ask about their prices and services. Google, meaning, Yahoo, and asked serve as pretty good search engines for this purpose. Blank, including nearby areas will offer a wide range of prices.

Those prices will vary from my own prices and go as high as $20,000-$40,000. Don't get shafted. Therefore, I recommend that readers always shop around by calling numbers found on the Internet. But don't stop there. Ensure you have your price and services written. I recommend email. Email will serve as a promise every note as soon as an offer and acceptance in a bid are received. Email companies time stamp their email. In this way emailed comes to serve as a contract when all the elements of a contract are present.

Parties names, dates, service, price, where and when the activities to take place, and other information will help to solidify the contract verbal contracts to work, but they tend to get the customer in trouble rather than the crime scene clean up company. Some crime scene clean up companies have a pattern of changing the conditions of the contract. Once they complete their work. In fact, homeowners and apartment owners and business owners do not know that they've been cheated until they receive their inflated invoice.


Over 20 years ago most probably, you would not have given much thought to writing a contract in writing an email as the same narrative. But the facts are that sometimes we do write contracts when writing emails. We become so enthused by our subject and what we might or might not do it. Given the conditions we would do it. Perhaps we mean "what if," when we write, but we forget to say so.

Some corrupt crime scene clean up companies have been known to write all sorts of email promising all sorts of services for very little money. And later, there clients receive an enormous invoice in the mail for tens of thousands of dollars or maybe just thousands of dollars. And honest crime scene clean up company, will normally have prices ranging in the upper hundreds to lower thousands of dollars. Why? Because crime scene clean up is after all, a janitorial service.

Nevermind that crime scene clean up deals with death and horrific death scenes. Great quantities of blood, moist blood, dry flaky blood, and other potentially infectious material. In fact, few crime scene clean up companies pay their crime scene cleaners all that much money; certainly, crime scene cleaners do not receive income commensurate with the hazards portrayed by crime scene clean up company owners.

Workers know how to disinfect themselves. They know how to remain free of disease causing bacteria. And on those occasions when unfortunate events occur, employees do you know what to do next. With all of these hazards crime scene clean up practitioners as employees do not earn as much money as we might think. Some Internet articles claim that we can make over $100 an hour as crime scene cleaners. The truth is that some crime scene clean up companies pay as little as $10 an hour. Some pay $15 up to $20-$25 an hour, and some have been known to pay nothing to their employees, their one time sucker employees, that is.

So, promises and services, and janitorial actions become part of an email contract, as we might expect in a genuine contract on corporate letterhead. Simply put, "what were the intentions of the parties." Did the parties intend to contract."

So for years, we received spam in our email. Email became a wonderful way of contracting for businesses, both large and great. Now a primary means of contracting among the business world leaders, email surpasses the telephone and the faxs. Sometimes companies get into trouble because email works so easily that the contracting parties lose sight of what they wanted and where they wanted to go. "Oh, it's only an email. It's only what I meant to brainstorming about."

All the elements of a contract find themselves inside an email or there's enough for a judge to find a contract in the parties' intentions.


Negotiating usually means some sort of established pattern follows an agreement to contract. The terms and conditions are outlined and rejected; parties may reach compromises and their terms agreed upon; at times there is an expectation that the transaction will have a formal face-to-face arrangement for contract signing. Now this idea is where problems arise quickly. Because when that send button on the email sends off this information at the speed of an electrical impulse, both parties may have different understandings.

Or, one party may have intentions of changing something in the email at a later time. With this time they intend to search out better deals with other crime scene clean up companies or vice versa. Some times people have wound up with multiple email contracts while fruitlessly searching for an honest crime scene clean up company.

Contract by Email

A Massachusetts trial court found email may create an ambiguous agreement on all material items, and therefore, a binding contract came into existence through email. It would not matter if the two negotiating parties had used a telephone, a fax machine, or a face-to-face meeting in a corporate office; the terms in a written agreement on all material terms were met and found to exist. The agreement to meet and "memorialize" their agreement had no more meaning than creating a record of the terms the two had agreed upon.

The Massachusetts trial court held that the e-mail exchange constituted an unambiguous agreement on all material terms, and therefore, found a contract to exist.

The parties' plan to "memorialize" the settlement terms in a written agreement was merely intended to record the terms of the agreed upon settlement, and not to create new terms.

The courts have been to see these issues and in Stevens v. Publicis, S.A., 50 A.D. 3d 253 (2008), Arthur Stephen sold his public relations firm and entered into an employment agreement to continue as CEO of the company; then financial problems arose.

A former employee of the purchaser known as Bob Bloom, began an email exchange with the recently fired Stevens. They started their series of email exchanges and described their terms under which Stevens might continue to serve the company by providing services to the purchaser. Steve ends, believing that he was reading genuine offers of the contract, and sent an email to Bloom, and said, "I accept your proposal". Bloom then sent a reply in which she said, "I am thrilled with our discussion."

Both sender and receiver included their typed names. Stephen sent an additional email to the chief operating officer. The purchase to reaffirm his unconditional acceptance of the new terms of service.

As would happen in crime scene clean up, somebody got sidetracked while not paying attention to the terms and conditions of crime scene clean up services. In that case, the New York Court held that the "series of emails set forth the terms of the mediation of Stevens employment agreement and continued eight signed writing."

With these email exchanges were created agreements to modifications of an employment contract in a signed writing.

Basis technology Corp v.

Basis technology Corp v. Inc experienced a similar situation when email contracts unwittingly arose. During a trial in which both parties sent emails to one another counsel set forth the terms of a settlement that the parties would "memorialize" in a written agreement to be signed by individuals authorized by each party. Unbeknownst to either party they were now involved with a genuine contract

A New York court has also found in, Inc. v. Nstein Technologies Corp., 862 N.Y.S.2d 812 (2008) that an e-mail exchange complied with the Statute of Frauds requirement for a signed writing based upon the sender's intention to authenticate the e-mail by typing his name at the bottom of the e-mail.

How to Avoid an Unintended E-mail Contract:

  • Remember that e-mails, no matter how informal, are discoverable, producible and potentially binding contracts.
  • If you do not intend to create a contract by e-mail, recite in the e-mail that there is no intention to create a contract, except pursuant to a separate written agreement.
  • Recognize that a plan to "memorialize" an agreement is simply a recitation of what has already been agreed to by the parties.


How to Avoid an Unintended, crime scene clean up E-mail Contract

  • Remember that e-mails, no matter how informal, are discoverable, producible and potentially binding contracts.
  • If you do not intend to create a contract by e-mail, recite in the e-mail that there is no intention to create a contract, except pursuant to a separate written agreement.
  • Recognize that a plan to "memorialize" an agreement is simply a recitation of what has already been agreed to by the parties.

How does a biohazard clean up contract differ from any other death scene clean up?

In most cases, the two contracts will be similar or the same. it always comes back to the contracting parties. If the servicing party has connections to your county government, then you will pay much more money than if your company is found in the open market, most likely.


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