While searching for a Las Vegas feces cleanup service for a toilet, bathtub, homeless encampment, squatters, illness, or mental health related deification issue, you may have found my other web  pages.  And no, I don't normally write 32 word sentences. I write about 16 words per sentences, especially when writing about feces cleanup information and services. Call any time for direct information.

Prices found here may not match those found on other pages. The term conditions is an important term for considering prices. Conditions include distance to feces clean up saying, the nature of traffic congestion, the our work begins, condition of building, and other factors involved when negotiating a price.

Just like those pages, this page helps to clarify my prices for feces cleanup in various situations. Toilet feces cleanup, bathtub feces cleanup, single occurrence outdoors feces cleanup, large encampments of homeless with their feces cleanup, feces cleanup for the elderly and sick, and animal feces cleanup among the subjects covered for prices and services.


  1. Chemicals - Included
  2. electricity: $50 (generator rental fee)
  3. Water: $5 per 5 gallon bottle
  4. Toilet Feces Cleanout $350
  5. Toilet removal: $25
  6. Toilet disposal: $35
  7. Service charge for general feces cleanup includes up to one hour of labor (Not to be mistaken for toilet cleanout) - $250
  8. Feces filled buckets for disposal and sanitary sewer – $15
  9. Feces filled buckets for removal from premises – $80
  10. Bathtub feces clean out – $10 to $900 (see below)

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Human Feces Cleanup

Most human feces cleanup tasks occur because a homeless person or persons have defecated on a sidewalk, in a hallway, or in a parking lot. I'm called for a one time cleanups and sometimes called back to the same scene because the same homeless people make defecating in the same place a recurring event. Even though building owners try their best to keep the homeless from defecating on their property, they fail to do what's needed, which is basically building fences around their property. This is usually impractical.

Then there's the occasional feces dumping behind apartment bushes my teenagers too embarrassed to go home with their poop filled underwear. Then there's the defecated feces left and apartment hallways by persons too drunk to control their condition.

Then there's the diarrhea left by the elderly who are losing control of their bowels. In such cases feces may have soiled toilet, bathroom floor, hallway floor, and bed wooden floor. Perhaps a bed has been swelled as well. Some cases couches are soiled.

In general, human feces carries more pathogens, germs, and feces from other mammals. There are a number reasons for this. One reason is that humans have a more varied diet than other mammals. Other mammals are stuck in their wild habitat or must feed at the table of their humans. Because we now have international trade and can eat food shipped from other sides of the world, we are also subject to pathogens that come along with this food.

Also, human beings live longer and are exposed to more pathogens because of their longevity. Plus, thanks to medical science, we are now unable to live longer because the trip to our local doctor can get us back on our feet. Many of us know that when we have food poisoning we can cure it, or it least reduce the symptoms, I simply drinking vinegar. I prefer to drink mine straight in one or two large swigs. It's terrible, but it works.

With all this said, we must keep in mind that other mammals carry pathogens in their feces and some of these bad gems are quite deadly, like the Haunta Virus carried by mice. For centuries haunted virus was fairly well kept within the bounds of the tri-state area created by the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Native Americans lived in caves in this tri-state area for centuries and were subject to contamination by the junta virus. The hot to virus, by the way, is carried by mouse urine and will be found on urine soaked feces left by mice as they defecate.

The source of his hot the virus was discovered by American scientists studying the virus in Belize. At the end of their trip, when they just about given up their project and send it as a failure, they ran into the virus the hard way. They were contaminated by it while sleeping on straw mats and a native village. One of the researchers died and several others were so sick they never recovered completely.

As for California, we know that the virus now exists in Yosemite national Park but is not been found elsewhere in California.

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Dog Feces Cleanup

Dog feces cleanup exposes this this cleaner to many of the same problems as it is cleanup. In my experience I have found that some apartment dwellers will leave their dog as well as cats unattended for days if not weeks at a time. They may pay somebody to slide cans of food into the apartment and close the door without even bothering to look indoors to see the condition of the premises.

Over time the dog poop will accumulate as well a dog feces. In cases where there is a wood floor, the wood floor soon become soaked by the dog urine. The dog urine destroys the floor. In this situation the dog poop in your must be scraped off, bag, and disposed of in a County landfill with notice given to the employees.

In some cases where wood floors are involved, a strong bleach and water solution to be applied to the floor, and left to dwell for a short period of time, say about 30 minutes. However, returning to the premises becomes quite hazardous because of the sulfur rich gases arising from the mixture of the chlorine chemical mix with the sulfur and uric acid contents of the dog feces and urine. In such cases windows and doors must be left wide open as well as fans placed wherever possible. Naturally ventilation must be turned on inside the building.

Once the floor is dried out it can be sanded. In those cases where a family are building owner does not want the floor sanded, the floor can be scrubbed again and rinsed again. One stride, a strong staining solution can be applied to contains a wax if preferred. Only in this way can one hope to overcome the odors left by the dog urine.

In the case of walls, Home Depot does carry an expensive paint product under the general title of "Zinnsser" as an older eliminator. It cannot be counted on to do the job, but for someone with some time on their hands in a wish to save the expense of removing wall in floor materials, application of a paint odor reducing may be fruitful.

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Cat Feces Cleanup

Although a disagreeable task, Feces cleanup is not as hazardous as some people would have us believe. Just the same, it does have some health hazards related to it. The most common of these mentioned in the media as well as returned by an Internet search, is the infamous anaplasmosis gondii (toxoplasmosis) that infects the fetus. As a result, and that women are advised not to change cat litter.

Toxoplasmosis carries a protozoan (one-celled) parasite that reaches the vetus via cat litter box exposure in most instances. Raw meat contact may also pass this single-celled parasite from object to fetus.

As in the case of a dog cleanup task or other animal cleanup, this is not to say that some people will not suffer from some of the many bacteria or viruses and feces. Many of us have allergic reactions to bacteria and viruses that do not affect other people. We know that nature is very complex, and probably more complex than we can think. So would be unwise to claim that Feces cleanup does not affect some of us in some way we can not document with available research.

Mice Feces Cleanup

Clean up mice feces, mouse feces, present certain hazards. In the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, an area known as the "tri-state area," consist of the borders between these three states. In this area we know about the "Honda virus," which is known to make human beings very ill and not causing death. Took many years of research to find this virus, and once found it was located on on mouse feces contaminated by their urine. Within their urine was found the virus.

This virus cost many thousands of dollars to find, and it was found in Belize. American scientist known as biologist, entomologist, another scientific field research for the virus for many months. It was finally found, but not before it had led to the death of two of these researchers in the spread of the virus to several others who would suffer lifetime illnesses as a result. So it is with great caution that we handle feces related to cleaning after these mice.

While mice, especially males, the bite out of fear. Mice defecate and urinate in whatever area they live and cannot be house trained.

Mouse feces consist of a solid pellet just a few millimeters long. As other types of urine from other species, their urine can be often pungent and especially so with males. Their urine does stay in fabric sorts acid content is quite high.

Whether domesticated or wild mice, we should handle mouse feces with care and concern. In the case of domesticated mice, mice that come under the heading as "fancy mouse," we understand mice bread is a form of a hobby. In such cases these mice are bred as pets for life in a cage usually, or as mice to feed to other pets, such as snakes. Some people been known to breathe mice to show internationally, of all things.

An inexpensive hobby, this form of entertainment is short-lived because mice expire soon enough.

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Rat Feces Cleanup

Most people understand that rats carry disease. Their deadly pastor must be created so. Although some people keep rats as pets, everyone must know that their feces can be d recent studies show that rats were not the sole cause of the bubonic plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. It's just the same, they should be treated with care.

Center for disease control in Atlanta, Georgia has found over a dozen diseases carried by rats.

For our purposes, most frightening about rats is that they can swim upstream through sewer pipes into our toilets. This reminds us of the similar behavior found in Florida and Louisiana sewer systems and toilets. There are this problem occurs with snakes crawling into toilets. Most often, though, we will find rats behind walls and near garbage pails. In 2015 the American housing survey found that 18% of the homes in Philadelphia showed signs of rat infestation. Research showed that the cities of Boston, New York City, and even Washington DC had been infiltrated by both rats and mice.

As an invasive species, rats come into cities and homes as environments begin to deteriorate. Both internal and external environments become habitat for the black rat, which is considered to be a very successful invasive species of rap. Known as the ship rat, most probably it followed the merchants along the trade routes in China known as the "Silk Road."

The black plague or bubonic plague occurs when the fleeing upon rats bites a human. The human then becomes infected. This fleet will do well almost warm bodies we should know.

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Bird Feces Cleanup

Bornaviridae is a A number of viruses and in fact horses, sheep, cattle, as well as birds and humans. These mammals serve as its natural host for 16 viruses. Diseases related to these viruses include Borna disease, which is known as a fatal neurologic disease of mammals, although it's fairly well restricted to central Europe for the time being. We should note that we have no idea what's going to happen with human caused climate change and the spread of disease carrying bacteria and viruses, especially in bird populations.

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Bathtub feces clean out

It's very hard to read price down for a aft of feces clean out before seeing it. As a part of the toilet feces cleanout service, I can clean out the feces from about 10 quite quickly for about $10 when there's not much to it. However, when someone or some group has made an effort to use a bathroom is a toilet, and were talking about hundreds of dollars to remove the feces. The most I've ever charges $900, but please keep in mind this was charge when the toilet was no one to work.

This fee was charged on top of a $250 toilet feces cleanout. The toilet received a price reduction because of the bathtub feces cleanout requirement. Note that without a working sanitary sewer, it is next to impossible to judge the cost of the feces cleanup. It's always best to find a plumber who can get your sanitary sewer to work so that the toilet can serve as a repository for the bathtubs feces. When no plumber can be found, then I must go into all sorts of gyrations to remove the feces from the bathtub and then prepared for removal from the premises.

That I must find a way of placing it in a safe place for disposal. Fortunately, I rarely need to do a bathtub feces cleanout and have not done one for three years as of this writing. Alas bathtub feces cleanout I did included human feces cleanout along with hypodermic needles as used by heroin addicts. Broken bottles were also in the bathtub. I charge $1200 for that job.

I once trained a young female biohazard cleanup practitioner in New York State. Soon after she started her business she did a major hoarding cleanup in northern New York and as part of the cleanup she was required to remove feces from a very large bathtub. She charged $2000 for that service.

I have other cleaning related pages, like a page on suicide cleanup.




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I live about 1 mile from Los Angeles County, but Los Angeles County is very large. Worse, its traffic congestion is beyond wild. It's very depressing for an old guy forced to watch traffic congestion increase year by year. Worse, I'm forced to work in Los Angeles County for feces cleanup because many of my jobs during the winter months come from this county. Overall, I've managed to keep my service charge of $250.

I should be doing well in Orange County, That is not so. But for a couple cleanups in Anaheim, the count is done pretty well keep in the feces cleaned up. At least, the county does pretty well at causing the homeless to defecate somewhere rather feces is not located easily enough. The city of Santa Ana has started a project for the homeless. It uses an old railroad building to house up to 1000 homeless people. This should help keep the feces off the streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately for the homeless, many of them did not meet the requirements to remain in the shelter. They have no paperwork to prove who they are, or there on drugs and cannot prove the bins clean straight for some period of time. All in all though orange county has done a fair job of keeping the feces under control. As a result my orange county feces cleanup services are next to nothing but for the city of Anaheim.

Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
Santa Barbara
Santa Maria
San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo is a very long drive along the 101 freeway, which is pretty heavily congested these days and hardly runs in a straight line for long. I prefer to leave early in the morning. I cannot charge eight $250 service charge for Ventura for $350, though.. I must charge you $300 charge. Otherwise I simply cannot do the work. If there's more than a simple cleanup to be done, I may consider the work. I may consider a toilet feces cleanup job for $350.

Because Ventura County Is a long drive through terrible traffic conditions, I prefer to begin work early. So when someone in Ventura County needs my feces cleanup service later in the day, I'm obliged to charge more. But I try to keep my $250 service charge when we can begin work early in the morning. This way I can leave my home very early in the morning and arrive early inventory. I can get the job done and then head back through Los Angeles to drive through the Los Angeles County rush hour. Of course, "rush-hour traffic" hardly has any meaning in Los Angeles County these days.

Feces cleanup in a Las Vegas, Nevada home most often occurs because a home has been left unattended. Squatters, homeless people, move in; or in some cases, a family leaves their pets unattended and feces collects quickly. This type of poop cleanup takes hours if not days. The Longest I've taken on a feces cleanup job, for example, was about one week in Phoenix, Arizona. In Las Vegas, I've taken three days for dog poop cleanup in a home.

This job was done for Las Vegas, Nevada contractor who did what his employees going into the building. When I was done, and incidentally after I had smashed a total with a piece of drywall, the contractor told me he'd never bid on another job that had been polluted by any type feces. He paid me and thanked me and went his way.

So the point is I generally will not drive to Las Vegas for $250. Will I drive for $350 to clean out toilet filled my poop, feces? I don't think so, but you never know. It happens that I feel like driving to Vegas to enjoy the sights I may take on the job. Otherwise, I would need more than one toilet clean out to make the trip worth my while. You see where I'm getting with all of this?